Advanced Email Features

Auto Publishing

When adding a new blog or Twitter account to Natuba you may choose to enable 'auto publishing.' With this setting enabled, any photo you send to Natuba through email will automatically be published to that blog. It's that simple.


Labels provide more flexibility over which photos are published on your blogs.

Labels provide you with a way to specify which blogs you want your photos published to when emailing them to Natuba. For example, let's say you've added a blog and given it the label 'myblog'. To have Natuba automatically publish your new photo to your blog simply add the following line to the body of your email:

post: myblog

If you configure multiple blogs with Natuba, you can publish directly to both by separating the labels with a comma:

post: myblog, mytwitter

Or, if you want to publish your photo to all the blogs you have configured on Natuba, just omit the labels:



Natuba supports tagging of photos, even from email. To add tags to a photo you are posting you need to add a line in the email that begins with 'tags:' and is followed by a comma separated list of keywords. For example:

tags: vacation, san francisco, muir woods, family
Natuba will automatically add the tags when receiving the photo.

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