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(null) 2007 2007 2007 Black Friday First Colony Mall 42  42 Dodge NASCAR race car Texaco 610 Accident aerial aerial  aerial photo Continental flight river aerial photo aerial photo aircraft carrier Alameda Continental flight USS Hornet airplane Alameda Alien Skin Exposure Allen Parkway AMSAT animal animals apartments architectural Arlon Ness ARRL artsy Austin autumn Bass Pro Shop Bay Bridge  aerial photo Bay Bridge Continental docks flight Oakland Bellaire Benihana bicycle birds birthday Black Friday bloggers bluebonnet bluebonnets BSA Troop 148 Buddhist building Burke Baker Planetarium butterflies Butterfly Butterfly  Butterfly Center HMNS butterfly Butterfly Center HMNS Butterfly Center California camera Canyon Capitol car CD launch party celebration challenge Chevron Christ UMC Christmas christmas Chung Mei Buddhist Temple church cleaning clouds clouds  aerial photo Continental flight cloudy Cockrell Butterfly Center Cockrell Butterfly Center HMNS Cockrell Butterfly Exhibit Concord construction Continental convertible critter cup dawn Houston Dean decoration decorations 2007 Bass Pro Shop Christmas holidays decorations 2007 Christmas holidays Delkin digital digital zoom dinosaur downtown downtown  aerial photo Continental flight San Francisco Driving DTLR Dublin Arlon Ness motorcycle ducks Easter Edward Edwards Wildlife Refuge emerald equipment factory Festival Festival medieval RenFest Texas Renaissance Festival fire First Colony Mall flash flight flower flowers Flowers flying fog Forgiven! fossil fountain fundraiser gas prices gems giant squid graduation Grand Greater Halloween ham radio Hamfest handheld HDR hdr HDR lake tree clouds storm Hermann Park hills HMNS holiday holidays Houston houston Houston  Butterfly Center HMNS Houston  butterfly Cockrell Center HMNS Houston museum rainforest Houston  Houston OCC IC-91AD ICHC Imperial Sugar In-flight in-flight inflight infrared July 4 Kodak HIE lake landscape lens test light lizard LOL-ograph LOL-ography LOLcane LOLcat LOLcatz MamaDramaConQueso massage Mayan Medical Center menorah minerals gems HMNS minerals models HMNS models Monument Monument Valley moon Moon morning  San Francisco Bay mosquito motel Motel motion motorcycle mountains MS-150 mural museum  HMNS pendulum NASCAR Native American necklace gems nighttime NOAA Oakland OCC optical zoom overlook paleontology HMNS park parrots party pendulum Photoshop zoom Planetarium  Burke Baker Planetarium HMNS Houston museum Planetarium Presentation pseudo HDR puppy quiet radio rain gauge rainbow rainforest rainy recycle Red refinery RenFest restaurant restaurant Houston Rhodochrosite gems river road RodeoHouston Rollei Rolleiflex safety Sam Houston San Francisco San Francisco Bay San Franncisco Bay satellite scenic scenic Houston sunrise seals Sebring selenium sensor test SensorScope sequoia SFO SFO  aerial photo Continental flight takeoff shade tree shells shoe shoes Shutterblog sign sky skyline snow snow  aerial photo Continental flight mountains snow social special effects spring squid Stafford statue statue  Hermann Park Sam Houston statue still life storm street  decorations holiday Sugar Land Sugar Land Sugar Land  construction Imperial Sugar refinery road Sugar Land Suisun Bay sunny sunrise takeoff Tee Pee Tee Pee Motel Temple teppanyaki test Texaco Texas Texas Motel Wharton Tee Pee Texas Texas Renaissance Festival TLR TMC totem toy critter halloween traffic traffic sign tree tree  HMNS Houston tree rings trees Trees trees autumn trees triceratops tulips tyrannosaur USS Hornet USS Iowa  aerial photo Continental flight mothball fleet ships Suisun Bay USS Iowa Valley vase gems Velvia volcano onion Walnut Creek  aerial photo Concord Continental flight Walnut Creek waterfall  HMNS Houston waterfront whale Wharton Whole Foods wildflowers winter Yosemite

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