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Posted by ecaglobalindia about 2 years, 6 months ago.
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ECA Global specialises in providing global study solutions for students seeking affordable, quality education, which is tailored to their individual needs. We provide flexible pathways for students to study at top-ranking universities through our International University Pathway Program (IUPP). Through the IUPP, students can study online in their home country for six months or a year, and then pathway into further studies at universities all around the globe. Alternatively, they may wish to study abroad from the start. Students will have access to facilities and tutorial support while studying online through our international Study Support Centres. To further assist students in achieving their personal study goals, we provide valuable guidance about studying abroad at our partner universities and colleges, and preparing for international student life. IUPP gives students an opportunity to access globally recognised qualifications at an affordable cost, while enjoying an incredible lifestyle and experiencing a different culture in their destination country.

The International University Pathway Program (IUPP) Study Support Centres in India are located in Chandigarh in the north of the country and Ahmedabad in the West. In the coming months, further Study Support Centres will be opened throughout India in the next twelve months.

The IUPP Support Centres in India provide students with guidance and assistance with designing their international study plan, and tutorial support while they are completing online postgraduate courses in Business Management or Project Management, or a Diploma of IT. Students can also study General English or English for Academic Purposes at the centres. Centres are fully equipped with computers and consulting rooms for Educational Consultants and students to design tailored study plans to meet individual career goals, and prepare for the international journey ahead.

Once completed, the qualifications attained will provide a gateway to further study internationally through our global network of universities. Students can study at top universities and colleges in Australia, New Zealand, and The UK, and gain an international qualification at a significantly reduced cost.

Our Education Consultants are available to assist you with any queries, and help create a tailored study program to suit your needs.

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