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Posted by wildernesscalls about 2 years, 10 months ago.
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A family site that welcomes all who love nature or the sport of hunting or fishing.  Join us through our website or our home location in Stewart County, GA, where we enjoy GA hunting.  We specialize in whitetail deer, wild hogs and turkey hunts, while supporting wildlife conservation and the conservation of nature in a balance, in Stewart Co. GA. At Wilderness Calls we have created a new concept that mixes hunting and fishing with the conservation of nature. Through our wildlife conservation and the use of the Double “D” gravity deer feeders, the wildlife will continue to flourish, in the wild as they were intended to do from the beginning of time. Through continuous conservation of nature, by planting new forest and protecting the natural forest we have created a place where wildlife will always be welcome. Our wildlife conservation efforts helps keep a great verity of wildlife present from whitetail deer, wild hogs, turkey as well as a number of smaller animals. You will be able to visit now and in the future, through actual visits or in the form of videos and pictures the marvel of nature in its' purest form.

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