Wassup Folks sorry about the spam

Posted by ropeburne99 about 7 years, 5 months ago.
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Hello Friends and Associates

I wanted to apologize for the recent spam my account has been sending, hopefully you guys haven't been clicking any links.

So recently i changed my Gmail password… to one of my old passwords which was compromised. who knew? so i'm emailing you guys to tell you what i learned and hopefully guys aren't sending spam out as well.

…. so here's how to check and see if your account is sending out spam.

Log in into your gmail account. and check the (Sent mail)

after you verify that you account did send the emails. Check the last activity on your account.

click on details, after you click details is will give you listing of all you account logins and IP address and logins

and as you can see come chump in Uganda logged into my account on a cell phone to send spam.
“Click on Sign out all other Sessions” and change your password to something new

Again the lesson i learn today is.. don't use Old passwords. hope you guys found this info helpful

Be Blessed

Don M Green

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