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30s 50s 900mhz abomination addiction airplane all-stars august awesome awesomeness bagel bandolier of carrots because every time a cup of coffee gets old a puppy dies beos binary birthday blinky lights bliss blue jeans books breakin bug caffeine car cardboard Cat chair chili christmas break chuck taylor chucks clean co-host coffee coffee mocha coke coke zero cold come on I'm in my thirties do I really have to get my picture taken with the third graders? conficker converse cory couch cowbell cowpie Dear Lord help me I'm addicted to this absurdly expensive drink deodorant did I mention happy? dog don't you wish your tech director was hot like me doritos duck education eee pc energy drink exercise eye fake family fat feeling lucky fiber flip fontastic food frito full throttle fun funny games garfield geek go state! grease grumpy hair happy head hurts hood hot pockets houston HP hush labs I forgot the box on the desk in Houston -- I'm such an ASSociate I hope my heart doesn't explode I love my kids I still shower I totally didn't get any pie I wish I had an iPhone or at least an EVDO card I'd give my left big toe if this dog would housebreak I'd still be in the airport if it weren't for IM I'm not cool enough to stalk instant iwantawii joy filled kids laptop latte laugh launcher lazy library linux Linux Journal linux journal linux journal meetup linuxftw linuxjournal little penguin lock lunch macgyver messy Michigan michigan milk missle money monster msu mug mug warmer mullet natuba need coffee ninja skills nom nom nom nom nos nose not cool not so over joyed to be unhappy about the sheer degree of joyfulness not unhappy office officer ohhowivemissedyoucokezero old open source OSCON osx ourlibrarianistotallyhot over joyed patchingotherpeoplescomputers penguin photo pink pink lady polka dots poor cory portland post-it prescriptions puppy quack reading recycle red bull redbull redneck reduce reuse rust school secret agent shark shave shaving cream shawn really is weird shoegoo shoes silky terrier silly silly things I say but don't mean skype sleep smelly smooch snow soccer sock space spicy spiderwick St. Patrick's Day star trek stay out of my office you pencil stealing meanie stink stop looking at me! super spy sushi sweet synergy2 tea teh awesome TGIF the coolest thing I've gotten all week the second coolest thing I've gotten all week things I probably dont' need but have anyway truck truckcam truffle TSA tux tv dinner unagi usb vanilla very happy voip wagon wargames wedding whiteboard who are you to judge?!?! whoops why did she ever marry me? wife wifi windows windowssucks wine wiring woohoo!!! WTF yeah I never get to use either one yuck yum

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